Roof Cleaning Questions and Answers from you!

Q:How do I apply Roof Cleaner QSE?
A:It’s not hard to use a roof shingle cleaner, all you need is a simple garden sprayer to apply the product to your roof.   A garden sprayer ensures a soft wash, followed by high volume, low pressure rinse via a fan tip on a power washer or pin point sprayer with a garden hose.

Q:What does QSE in roof cleaner QSE mean?
A:QSE is Quick – Simple – E ffective
Quick – 30 minute roof shingle cleaner
Simple – EZ pouch requires no measuring
Effective – A roof cleaner that really works!

Q:Will the ROOF Cleaner OX or QSE do damage to my plants, grass or roof ?
A:When used as directed, the roof cleaning mixture is safe for your roof or your yard.   But as a precaution, you could always pre-wet the plants and then rinse them after you are done.

Q:Where can I learn more about Roof Cleaners and Roof Cleaning?
A:There are several reputable sources for information about roof cleaners and the roof cleaning business: Roof Cleaner Guide is quality source for Roof Cleaning Information and always one of our favorites.

Q:What Is The Coverage of Your Products?
A:Coverage Roof QSE and Roof OX roof cleaner are indicated by the number on the product.
Roof Cleaner QSE 3000 covers 3000 sq. ft.,
Deck QSE covers 2000 sq. ft.
* depending on how dirty roof/deck is, product may go further, but effectiveness is less, and is only recommended at strength indicated

Q:Will roof wash chemicals (Roof Cleaner QSE or OX)  clean tile roofs?
Both Roof Wash Solutions (Roof Cleaner OX and QSE) can be use to effectively clean dirty tile roofs (Barrel, clay and red tiles included). 

Know your cleaner : ask for the roof cleaner qse msds